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It’s Time…

So it’s been a while since I last posted. It’s not that writing this blog is not important, but I had some more important things to deal with, Continue reading “It’s Time…”


I am probably what change experts would call a laggard. Continue reading “Change”

Counting Down

21 more days. Continue reading “Counting Down”

Loving the One I Choose (a guest post)

I am so excited to introduce our newest guest writer, Pastor Sonya. She is a woman of few words, Continue reading “Loving the One I Choose (a guest post)”

My Summer Bucket-List

Today is the day.  It has finally come. Continue reading “My Summer Bucket-List”

Prepping for Father’s Day

I’m the type of person who doesn’t have a problem giving out birthday gifts a month or two late, Continue reading “Prepping for Father’s Day”

waiting (a guest post)

Pastor Laura, who is officially on maternity leave and is very patiently and actively waiting for her third baby to arrive, has somehow also found time to write this beautiful post. Continue reading “waiting (a guest post)”

Just tell me what to do… (a guest post)

Finally! After a bit of persuading, my wonderful husband Brian (whom I have mentioned in several of my previous posts) has written a post for this blog.

Continue reading “Just tell me what to do… (a guest post)”

5 Ways to Make Friends in Church

Last week I posted about the importance of friendships and how difficult it was for me (and apparently many others) to build deep friendships as adults.

Continue reading “5 Ways to Make Friends in Church”

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