I’m the type of person who doesn’t have a problem giving out birthday gifts a month or two late, as long as they are accompanied by a nice card with lots of words of encouragement. So it might seem a little out of character for me to be thinking about Father’s Day so early this year. (I know, I know. Some of you probably already have your Father’s Day gift bought and wrapped… but trust me, this is really early for me!) A couple of days before Father’s Day, you will usually find my girls and I running around the mall trying to find the perfect gift for daddy and then rushing home to make some hand-made cards before he gets home. But the thought of frantically dragging my kids from store-to-store while holding up my big fat baby belly makes me feel queasy and short-of-breath, and so I have decided to start on our Father’s Day preparations a little earlier this year.

Growing up, Father’s Day always seemed like an afterthought to me. My brothers and I usually put some effort into celebrating our mom on Mother’s Day, with flowers, gifts, thoughtful cards and a restaurant dinner. In comparison, Father’s Day would often pass with a “Happy Father’s Day Abba!”, and maybe a tie if we had remembered to buy something. And my dad would smile, happy to just be remembered and then spend the rest of the day golfing. And while I am thankful for my father, I am even more thankful for the father of my children. I watch my girls interact with their dad and see that who they are and the beautiful women they will grow into has so much to do with how my husband intentionally and actively loves them. I know sometimes I act like I can do everything on my own, but raising our children to grow into healthy, God-loving adults who will positively impact the world is not one of those things. (I shudder to think how messed-up my kids would be if they had only me to parent them.) I realize, now that I have my own children, that celebrating fathers and fatherhood is not something that should just pass us by.

So this year I’m going to try and be less rushed and more thoughtful. I want to plan more purposefully to truly celebrate the father of my children. This isn’t just for his sake, but because I want my children to grow up knowing how to celebrate their amazing dad. I encourage you to read this post on The Perfect Father’s Day Gift which inspired me to be more intentional and prepared this year and I pray that all you dads out there feel really celebrated and loved this Father’s Day.