Today is the day.  It has finally come. My baby’s last day of kindergarten (sob!) and my last day of adult freedom until the year 2022, when the babe in my belly enters full-time school (double sob!). I don’t know what is more “sob-worthy” – that in only five short years, my soon-to-be-born child will be entering kindergarten or that I have to wait another five long years until that happens!

So with the school year being almost over and summer just upon us, I have started to think about my family’s to-do-list for the next two months. I love summer and I usually have a very grandiose summer bucket-list (see this post), but this year is obviously a little different. Knowing my tendency to over-estimate my energy level and abilities and under-estimate the amount of time we actually have, I am pretty certain that in my physical state, almost all of my bucket-list items will remain un-checked and our summer will end up being another “fail” (see last year’s failure of a summer).

While I dream of doing things like going berry-picking and camping and visiting the Monet collection at the Art Gallery and organizing my den (insert crazy laughter here), I am choosing sanity over idealism and am going to do something different this year. This year I’m going to ask my girls to choose one thing each that they’d like to experience or learn this summer (that is within our budget and capabilities) and focus on making those two things happen for them. I got the idea from this article on an alternative way to approach the summer bucket-list  and I am hoping that it will help make our summer more of a success than failure.


For my own personal summer-bucket list, I am adding only one item:


  1. Have this baby and survive


I think that’s do-able, right? I’ve set myself up to have a successful summer, what about you? I’d love to hear about all the fun things you’ve planned for you and your family this summer in the comments below. Maybe we can add it to our summer bucket-list for next year…