21 more days.

21 more days until our neat little family of four is radically changed into an uneven family of five and where our perfect 1:1 ratio of adult to child tips to where the little people will now have the upper hand.

21 more days until I can lie flat on my back again, lie on my belly again and be able to bend at more than a 30 degree angle to pick things up off the floor again, instead of having to use my very dexterous toes as fingers.

21 more days of this amazing privilege of carrying around and growing a life inside of me, something I will never experience again. Even though I haven’t always found this experience pleasant or comfortable, and at times it has made me think I’m going crazy, I am very aware of what a gift this is.

21 more days to soak up as much fun quality time with my big girl before she becomes the older sister of not only one, but two siblings and her responsibilities and heart as the oldest child exponentially grow.

21 more days to snuggle and cuddle with my little girl and reassure her that she will always be my baby before her life drastically changes and she takes on the love and responsibilities of an older sister and hopefully not the baggage of the dreaded middle child.

21 more days until my husband becomes a father to a son. I wonder how different it will be as he loves and cares for a little person that is so similar to him in physiology and role. I wonder how different we will be as parents of three and how we will balance our marriage with a new baby boy and two independent but emotionally complex girls.

21 more days until our days are filled with feeding, burping, diapering, rocking and shushing because baby is finally asleep and nights that will start to look exactly like our days.

21 more days until we get to see the face of this little human being that has been making me nauseous and tired, kicking me in the ribs when all I want to do is sleep, making me pee every 20 minutes and adding more stretch marks to my already striped and scarred belly. We love you, you little monkey, and we are so excited to meet you and see this amazing person that God has gifted us with.


This pregnancy has been a roller-coaster ride of emotions. There have been moments of pure bliss and others where I have literally felt like I was going crazy and have done things I am embarrassed to talk about. At times I have felt as strong as Wonder Woman and other times I have felt like I was toppling over the edge and holding on to just a thin thread of sanity. Thank God for His grace, His strength and His kindness. Thank God for family and friends that love me no matter what. And praise God that we only have 21 more days of this craziness and our new crazy adventure begins!!

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