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Counting Down

21 more days. Continue reading “Counting Down”

My Summer Bucket-List

Today is the day.  It has finally come. Continue reading “My Summer Bucket-List”

Prepping for Father’s Day

I’m the type of person who doesn’t have a problem giving out birthday gifts a month or two late, Continue reading “Prepping for Father’s Day”

waiting (a guest post)

Pastor Laura, who is officially on maternity leave and is very patiently and actively waiting for her third baby to arrive, has somehow also found time to write this beautiful post. Continue reading “waiting (a guest post)”

Just tell me what to do… (a guest post)

Finally! After a bit of persuading, my wonderful husband Brian (whom I have mentioned in several of my previous posts) has written a post for this blog.

Continue reading “Just tell me what to do… (a guest post)”

Restoring the Wonder of Easter

Easter, the crux of my existence as a child of God, is just around the corner but this year I feel ill-prepared to celebrate this beautiful holiday.

Continue reading “Restoring the Wonder of Easter”

about debt (guest post)

I am so happy to share this post with you, written by our very own Pastor Laura (you may remember her from this past post). She writes about something rarely talked about in church,

Continue reading “about debt (guest post)”

A Man’s Perspective

As I gear up for a second weekend where my husband is away (last weekend was a men’s retreat, this weekend is work), I am reminded of how much I need my husband.

Continue reading “A Man’s Perspective”

An Apology

Dear Father of My Children:

It’s been too quiet lately. Normally you come home and you spend the better part of an hour wresting with our girls. This is usually accompanied by banshee-like screaming and squealing, until someone inevitably gets hurt and starts to cry (and this is usually not the 6-foot tall wrestler with a beard). This has been the norm in our house since our girls were able to walk. In fact, I think our girls learned what an arm bar was before they learned the alphabet. And while it’s been much more peaceful around our home without the tumbling and rolling around and without the stress I feel knowing that I will probably need to intervene, I have realized I was wrong. Continue reading “An Apology”

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