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Loving the One I Choose (a guest post)

I am so excited to introduce our newest guest writer, Pastor Sonya. She is a woman of few words, Continue reading “Loving the One I Choose (a guest post)”

waiting (a guest post)

Pastor Laura, who is officially on maternity leave and is very patiently and actively waiting for her third baby to arrive, has somehow also found time to write this beautiful post. Continue reading “waiting (a guest post)”

Just tell me what to do… (a guest post)

Finally! After a bit of persuading, my wonderful husband Brian (whom I have mentioned in several of my previous posts) has written a post for this blog.

Continue reading “Just tell me what to do… (a guest post)”

self-care (a guest post)

I’m so thankful for Pastor Laura and her willingness to write one more honest and full-of-wisdom post before she goes on maternity leave (I don’t know how she does it!!)

Continue reading “self-care (a guest post)”

about debt (guest post)

I am so happy to share this post with you, written by our very own Pastor Laura (you may remember her from this past post). She writes about something rarely talked about in church,

Continue reading “about debt (guest post)”

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