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Loving the One I Choose (a guest post)

I am so excited to introduce our newest guest writer, Pastor Sonya. She is a woman of few words, Continue reading “Loving the One I Choose (a guest post)”

Just tell me what to do… (a guest post)

Finally! After a bit of persuading, my wonderful husband Brian (whom I have mentioned in several of my previous posts) has written a post for this blog.

Continue reading “Just tell me what to do… (a guest post)”

A Man’s Perspective

As I gear up for a second weekend where my husband is away (last weekend was a men’s retreat, this weekend is work), I am reminded of how much I need my husband.

Continue reading “A Man’s Perspective”


Have you ever heard the phrase, “When you ASSuME you make a donkey (please insert another word for donkey here) out of you and me”? It’s a funny statement but it’s been pretty accurate in my own life. There have been countless times where I’ve initiated difficult conversations or conflicts with my own preconceived assumptions and judgments about the person I’m talking with. The usual result of those conversations have been me making a fool out of myself, the other person feeling like they need to defend themselves from me, and the situation ending up worse than before.  Continue reading “Assumptions”

Everyday Thanksgiving

We are on the last remains of our gluttonous Thanksgiving weekend. Only one more slice of turkey breast, one giant wing and a bowl of turkey soup and our home will once again be turkey-free. It is a bittersweet good-bye, because while I am pretty tired of turkey, Thanksgiving dinner is one of my favourite things. Continue reading “Everyday Thanksgiving”

My Failure of a Summer

I have been sitting at Starbucks for the last two hours reading a new library book, writing this post and I am drinking it all in (along with my free venti half-sweet, extra shot of espresso caramel macchiato)! My first sip of extended adult-only freedom in the last nine years and it’s so very very sweet (with a tiny little drop of salty sadness). Continue reading “My Failure of a Summer”

Camping and Community

We recently returned from a camping trip where 4 families (including 9 rambunctious kids!) packed our vehicles to the limit and drove for almost 6 hours to “rough it” for a couple of days. It wasn’t the most relaxing of trips (in fact I was exhausted and needed almost a whole day to recuperate) but it was great fun!  We were forced to eat together, sleep really close  to one another (our tent neighbours would say a little too close!) and just “be” together for two days. Continue reading “Camping and Community”

Plums and Priorities

A couple weeks ago Brian shared with our LAM group how he wasn’t feeling connected to me and how he felt like I was not making him a priority. Initially I was really upset, as I had been trying really hard in our marriage and I felt like he was blaming me. However, once I got over my need to defend myself, I could see why he was feeling this way. Continue reading “Plums and Priorities”

I Kissed Kissing Good-Bye

When’s the last time you gave your spouse a “I just can’t get enough of you” kiss? I’m not talking about the mandatory sterile pecks you give one another when you leave or return home…. Or the sensual kissing that happens during foreplay? I’m talking about just hanging out on your couch and making out, like when you were dating and you knew you weren’t supposed to go any further than 1st (or maybe 2nd?) base. Continue reading “I Kissed Kissing Good-Bye”

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