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Counting Down

21 more days. Continue reading “Counting Down”

My Summer Bucket-List

Today is the day.  It has finally come. Continue reading “My Summer Bucket-List”

Prepping for Father’s Day

I’m the type of person who doesn’t have a problem giving out birthday gifts a month or two late, Continue reading “Prepping for Father’s Day”

self-care (a guest post)

I’m so thankful for Pastor Laura and her willingness to write one more honest and full-of-wisdom post before she goes on maternity leave (I don’t know how she does it!!)

Continue reading “self-care (a guest post)”

Connecting with God in the Midst of Crazy

I vaguely remember what it was like to be a mom of a baby. The sleepless nights

Continue reading “Connecting with God in the Midst of Crazy”

Restoring the Wonder of Easter

Easter, the crux of my existence as a child of God, is just around the corner but this year I feel ill-prepared to celebrate this beautiful holiday.

Continue reading “Restoring the Wonder of Easter”

A Man’s Perspective

As I gear up for a second weekend where my husband is away (last weekend was a men’s retreat, this weekend is work), I am reminded of how much I need my husband.

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This past weekend our pastoral team had the privilege of speaking at our church’s youth group girls’ retreat . I had the topic of identity – something that most teenagers struggle with as they learn to become independent from their parents while also dealing with in-your-face social and peer pressure. In the time I had, I hopefully imparted to these beautiful girls the importance of knowing their identity in Christ but I came away from my session wishing that I could speak to their parents instead. Because while a one-day retreat listening to strong powerful women speak about teen-relevant topics can be beneficial, it does not come close to the influence a parent has on their child’s ideas of self-worth and identity. Continue reading “Identity”



I recently met with a small group of moms and their very real and vulnerable stories reminded me of how all-consuming and thankless the job of a mom can be. The early years are especially trying when there is always a heart to soothe, a nose to wipe, a diaper to change, a never-ending pile of laundry to be folded and an always dirty floor to be cleaned. And that’s just during daylight hours. A mom’s job doesn’t end when the lights turn off. Continue reading “Superhero”

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