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self-care (a guest post)

I’m so thankful for Pastor Laura and her willingness to write one more honest and full-of-wisdom post before she goes on maternity leave (I don’t know how she does it!!)

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This past weekend our pastoral team had the privilege of speaking at our church’s youth group girls’ retreat . I had the topic of identity – something that most teenagers struggle with as they learn to become independent from their parents while also dealing with in-your-face social and peer pressure. In the time I had, I hopefully imparted to these beautiful girls the importance of knowing their identity in Christ but I came away from my session wishing that I could speak to their parents instead. Because while a one-day retreat listening to strong powerful women speak about teen-relevant topics can be beneficial, it does not come close to the influence a parent has on their child’s ideas of self-worth and identity. Continue reading “Identity”

The Art of Listening

“Peaceful” or “calm” are not the first words to come to mind when thinking of the history of my marriage. In fact, in the first several years of our married life, the words “volatile” and “loud” would probably have described our marriage perfectly. In fact, in our early years we were known as the “fighting couple” in our church because we fought so often. Continue reading “The Art of Listening”


I wanted to share my own story of how God has used signposts in my life to open my heart to one day adopt or foster children.

I grew up in a small town called Creemore and we were the only Asian family in this little farm town. I loved growing up there and I have such fond memories of playing outdoors and having the freedom to roam pretty much anywhere. Continue reading “Signposts”

Waiting (guest post)

As I mentioned in last week’s post, in honour of National Adoption Awareness Month I will be featuring a couple of families who are in the process of adoption. This week I am honoured to welcome Kelvin and Yoko Chan as they share about their adoption journey. Kelvin and Yoko are members of New Joy Church and have been married for eight years. They have a beautiful seven-year old daughter named Maiya and have been wanting to add a little girl to their family through adoption since 2014. Here is a little bit of their story: Continue reading “Waiting (guest post)”

Date Night

Going out on regular date nights has been one of the biggest challenges in our marriage, even before our kids existed. But wow, after our kids were born, date nights were isolated events that happened only on our anniversary or birthdays. I felt like such a hypocrite, telling premarital and married couples of the importance of regular date nights, when it was something that was pretty much non-existent in our own marriage. Continue reading “Date Night”

My Dirty Little Secret

Note: I started writing this post in June this year but was very reluctant to post it as it paints a not-so-pretty picture of me. I was really hoping that over the summer I would be transformed and this issue of mine would resolve and become a non-issue (haha! wishful thinking!) But with school starting and the stress of our busy schedule, it is obvious that this issue is not just going to resolve itself and it has again reared its ugly head.  Continue reading “My Dirty Little Secret”


The past few days I’ve been feeling a little stressed about what I’m going to post this week.  Which one of the several unfinished blog posts am I going to complete and finally publish? What would be most relevant to my readers and what would be something I feel good about? On top of this, I’ve been feeling disappointed in myself as I keep thinking that the summer is almost half over and there are so many things on my summer to-do-list that I haven’t even started. Continue reading “Unfinished”

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